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meThese are my Paris photos, without annotation. Words are spilled at

Email megzimbeck(at) with requests for permission, high-resolution images, or high-fives.

Thanks for stopping!
–Meg Zimbeck


  1. Hi Meg

    We’re watching. I dig it.

  2. Lovely. Absolutely lovely. Thank you.

  3. Who is watching who!!
    I enjoyed browsing through your view of “another” and original Paris.

  4. Ha ha…
    Yes, we all like to watch it!

    Thank God it’s French made! Ha ha

  5. I absolutely love your blog and am adding it to my list of favorites….bon travail.

  6. I love this site. Thanks Meg. I miss Paris & you.

  7. don’t know how but stumbled upon your blog today and love the photos of people enjoying life.

  8. Great blog and I love your other site with the fabulous food. I’m still chuckling over the thought that Parisians are scarfing down deep fried jambon! I’m from Alabama and we’ve never even had that! I’m adding you to my favs on both blogs as well.

  9. After spending the first six months of this year studying and working in Paris, I miss it terribly now that I’m back in LA. Yyour lovely photos of this beautiful, life-changing city remind me why going back someday soon is, for me, more a compulsion than a whim.

  10. Just discovered your blog while searching on the restaurant Les Bouquinistes. We return to Paris for a week in July, 2010. (Previously spent weeks there in ’07 and ’08.) Your photos capture something essential and magical. We spend a lot of time “francing,” our term for thinking about past and future trips. Please continue to tantalize our eyes and make our hearts open to Paris.

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